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2012 Endorsed Candidates

U.S. Senate

Dianne Feinstein

Feinstein Picture.jpg

Running for: Senate, CA

Senator Dianne Feinstein has been a public servant since 1969 when she was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She was the first female elected President of the board. Since that time she has served as a mayor of San Francisco and has been a true champion in the US Senate. Senator Feinstein has broken numerous glass ceilings when it comes to being a woman, and has worked diligently on progressive legislation that keeps women as a top priority. The Senator is committed to serving her constituents in California while protecting a woman’s right to choose and advocating for equality. NWPC excitedly re-endorses Senator Dianne Feinstein for another groundbreaking term in the US Senate.

Mazie Hirono

Mazie Hirono Photo.jpg

Running for: Senate, HI

Current Congresswoman Mazie Hirono is running for a seat in the US Senate. Congresswoman Hirono served in the Hawaii legislature for nearly 15 years and then as Hawaii’s Lt. Governor for several more. She now serves her state on a national level as a Congresswoman in Washington, DC. In Congress, Mazie prioritizes women’s issues while continuing to be a champion of education reform. If elected, the Congresswoman would be the first Asian-American woman elected to the Senate and first female U.S. Senator elected from Hawaii. Mazie has overcome many obstacles in her lifetime, and she does not ever hesitate to take on a challenge. NWPC gladly endorses Congresswoman Hirono’s race for a seat in the US Senate!

Cynthia Dill


Running for: Senate, ME

Cynthia Dill has fought hard for working families during her time in the Maine Legislature. In Washington, she will continue to make choices that better educate our children, protect our seniors, and strengthen our economy. She is committed to fighting for women’s rights, including equal pay and paid maternity leave. Dill is running for Senate in Maine, and will face Charles Summers, Jr. and Angus King to fill Senator Olympia Snowe’s seat.

Elizabeth Warren


Running for: Senate, MA

Elizabeth Warren is a true representative of the middle class, and NWPC is proud to endorse her high-profile Senatorial race in Massachusetts. Elizabeth certainly learned the value of hard work when at the age of nine she began work to help her family who was struggling financially due to the illness of her father. She continued this work ethic through law school and after. Elizabeth served as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and led the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Known nationally as a fighter for the middle class, Elizabeth Warren also keeps women’s issues as a top priority. If elected, Elizabeth Warren will be Massachusetts first female Senator. We are thrilled to see such a strong woman ready to fill a Senate seat in need of woman that knows what is right!

Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill-Photo.jpg

Running for: Senate, MO

Growing up as hard working young woman in the state of Missouri, Senator Claire McCaskill is instilled with an incredible work ethic and a sincere dedication to the rights and progress of women. After earning her J.D. from the University of Missouri, Senator McCaskill fully dedicated herself to a life in politics. From being a leading prosecutor and auditor in Missouri to being the state’s first female elected Senator, she has placed great emphasis on the area of government reform, transparency, and accountability. Reelecting Senator Claire McCaskill is the right choice for a more accountable government and furthered protection of women’s rights.

Shelley Berkley

Shelley Berkley.jpg

Running for: Senate, NV

Shelley Berkley currently serves as the representative for the first district of Nevada, Representative Berkley has a long history in politics and civic affairs. Since beginning her service in 1999, she has served on the subcommittee on Social Security and Select Revenue Measures while also advocating for affordable health care, veteran’s rights and has been an advocate for alternative energy. Representative Berkley has continued to oppose the construction of a nuclear waste repository in Yucca Mountain, Nevada. In addition to her environmental stance, Berkley has voiced her support for equal rights for women and the pro-choice movement. If elected, Berkley will be Nevada's first female U.S. Senator.

Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand-Photo.jpg

Running for: Senate, NY

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has put the country’s most important issues at the top of her priority list. These issues include creating jobs, protecting New York’s middle class and small businesses, and fully supporting women’s reproductive rights. After receiving her J.D. from the UCLA School of Law, Senator Gillibrand served on the special counsel to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Clinton administration and as a law clerk on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The Senator has made unprecedented strides to be accessible for her constituents by making her daily schedules entirely public and spending a great deal of time in all 62 New York counties. The reelection of Senator Gillibrand is a vital contribution to the women’s rights movement.

Maria Cantwell

Maria Cantwell Picture.jpg

Running for: Senate, WA

Senator Maria Cantwell is a champion of both Washington State and the private sector. She is one of the most outspoken advocates for small businesses in the Senate, and has voted in favor of women’s issues 100% of the time. She combines public service with her passion for families, job creation, and natural resources. We are proud to re-endorse such a fantastic woman in full faith that she will continue her work for the middle class, women, the people of Washington, and people across America.

Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin Photo.jpg

Running for: Senate, WI

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is a champion for change. As the first woman from Wisconsin and the first openly gay challenger elected to Congress, Tammy does not hesitate to work hard and overcome. Congresswoman Baldwin has lived a life of public service and continues to do so as she runs to become a US Senator. She fights hard for healthcare and energy solutions while she prioritizes equal rights for all people, including women. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Tammy knows what Wisconsin families need to return to a thriving economy. Because we know that Tammy will keep women’s issues as a top priority, NWPC is proud to endorse such a strong advocate for justice.

U.S. House of Representatives

Terri Sewell

Terri Sewell Picture.jpg

Running for: House, AL-07

After taking office in 2010, Congresswoman Terri Sewell has been fighting hard for the people of Alabama. Congresswoman Sewell is the first black woman to ever be elected to Congress in Alabama, and she continues to make us proud through her work as Democratic freshman class president and as both a regional and senior Whip. As a women’s rights advocate, the Congresswoman is the co-chair of the Women’s Fund “Voices Against Violence,” and has kept a 100% pro-choice voting record. NWPC fully supports Congresswoman Terri Sewell to further the issues of woman in Congress!

Ann Kirkpatrick

<Ann Kirkpatrick.jpg

Running for: House, AZ-01

Born and raised in Arizona, Ann Kirkpatrick has a good sense of what her district needs. With both a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Arizona and experience in both state and federal levels Kirkpatrick is tough to beat. Endorsing pro-choice women’s rights, Kirkpatrick has voiced her opinion in the Arizona House of Representatives where she served from 2004 until her election to the U.S. Representatives from 2009 to 2011. In addition to her endorsement from NWPC, Kirkpatrick is endorsed by EMILY’s List.

Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema Picture.jpg

Running for: House, AZ-09

Formerly a state Senator, Kyrsten Sinema is seeking a seat in Congress to bring a voice back to the people of Arizona. Kyrsten grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet so she knows firsthand what constituents want and need. As a board member of women’s commissions and youth outreach networks, Kyrsten does her part to advance women’s issues and assist in the development of youth across Arizona. NWPC is happy to announce our endorsement of a woman committed to serving her constituents and obtaining equality for women and other minorities!

Doris Matsui


Doris Matsui.JPG

Running for: House, CA-06

Congresswoman Doris Matsui has proudly served California’s 5th District since 2005. In 2007, Matsui was nominated by then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to serve on the Smithsonian Institution’s Board of Regents, where she served until 2011. Matsui is a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where she works hard to address the most critical problems facing Americans today, including healthcare, clean energy, and job creation.

Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee Picture.jpg

Running for: House, CA-13

Since 1998, Congresswoman Barbara Lee has been supporting women’s rights and issues on Capitol Hill. This is why NWPC is proud to announce our endorsement of Congresswoman Lee’s 2012 Congressional campaign. As former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and Co-founder of the Congressional Out of Poverty Caucus, Congresswoman Lee is an activist for minority causes as well as women’s issues. In addition, she was given the 2009 International Woman of Courage Award, one of the US State Department’s highest honors. We are confident that if re-elected, Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s fantastic constituent service will continue and progress in her next term representing California’s 13th District.

Jackie Speier

Picture Jackie Speier_1.jpg

Running for: House, CA-14

During her first term in Congress, Representative Jackie Speier has had an impeccable record when it comes to voting in favor of women’s rights and issues. As a member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the House Armed Service Committee, Congresswoman Speier has been able to positively influence Congressional legislation and policy. Previously serving as both a California Assemblywoman and Senator, Congresswoman Speier is rooted in public service and will further her dedication to her constituents and women in America if re-elected to a second term.

Anna Eshoo

Anna Eshoo Photo.jpg

Running for: House, CA-18

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has served in the House of Representatives since 1993. Having served her constituents for nearly 20 years, Congresswoman Eshoo continues to keep her constituents first. The Congresswoman served on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors for 10 years before she was elected to Congress. She is a public servant at heart. While she maintains fantastic constituent service, the Congresswoman also works tirelessly on behalf of America’s women. She is an advocate for education, for children, for healthcare reform, and for clean energy. NWPC proudly re-endorses Congresswoman Anna Eshoo as a champion for California’s 18th District.

Zoe Lofgren


Zoe Lofgren.jpg

Running for: House, CA-19

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren has proudly served California’s 16th Congressional District since 1995. She currently serves as Chair of the 34 Member California Democratic Congressional Delegation. Lofgren also serves on the Committee on the Judiciary, the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, and the Committee on House Administration. While in Congress, she has worked hard to promote technological innovation, ensure health care for all Americans, and protect resources for public education.

Lois Capps


Running for: House, CA-24

Congresswoman Lois Capps is a true leader in the arena of women’s health and equal rights. Before she was elected to Congress, Representative Capps had successful careers in both nursing and education which she now uses to help her navigate Congress with an expertise in health. She chairs and co-chairs numerous caucuses that advance women’s health, children’s health, as well as the protection of natural resources. Congresswoman Capps is certainly a champion for women’s rights, and is the best choice for California’s 24th district!

Julia Brownley

Julia Brownley.jpg

Running for: House, CA-26

Julia Brownley has dedicated her life to improving our education system as one of California’s leading education advocates. Brownley is a leader in preventing domestic violence, strongly supports a
woman’s right to choose, and will fight to make sure health insurance companies cover contraception, prenatal and preventive care for everyone. Brownley is running to represent California’s 26th Congressional District.

Judy Chu

Judy Chu Picture.jpg

Running for: House, CA-27

Congresswoman Judy Chu has served in Congress since 2009 and has not wasted a minute of her time there. The Congresswoman entered the Congressional arena at the height of healthcare debate, and it was during this time that she was able to demonstrate her dedication to equal healthcare access as well as women’s rights. In addition to her excellent voting record, Congresswoman Chu is the first Chinese American woman ever elected to the US Congress. We believe that Congresswoman Chu will continue to fight for women in both California and across the country. NWPC is happy to endorse the Congresswoman during her second Congressional race.

Gloria Negrete McLeod

Gloria Negrete McLeod.jpg

Running for: House, CA-35

Current State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod has served the people of California’s 32nd Senate District since 2006. She currently Chairs the Public Employment and Retirement Committee where she is able to put the rights and needs of public employees first. Moreover, Senator McLeod puts a great deal of emphasis on Veteran’s affairs, education, and women’s issues, which is apparent through her work with Chaffey Community College as well as many other community organizations. NWPC is confident that, if elected, Senator McLeod will deliver on her promises and advance women’s rights on the Hill!

Linda Sanchez


Linda Sanchez.jpg

Running for: House, CA-38

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez has proudly served California’s 39th District since 2003. Sanchez is currently the ranking member of the House Ethics Committee, and serves on the Committee on the Judiciary. Sanchez is dedicated to fighting for women’s rights, including equal treatment in school and the workplace, bringing awareness to homeless female veterans, and protecting women’s health.

Lucille Roybal Allard

Lucille Roybal-Allard Picture.jpg

Running for: House, CA-40

For nearly 20 years, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard has served her constituents in California. NWPC is happy to once again endorse such an advocate of women’s rights. Congresswoman Roybal-Allard was the first Mexican-American woman elected to Congress in 1992 and has made history ever since. Currently the chair of the Hispanic Caucus Task Force on Health, the Congresswoman pays close attention to health issues, including women’s health. She has kept women at the top of her priorities and should be re-elected to promote the advancement of women and the protection of our rights.

Loretta Sanchez

Loretta Sanchez Picture.jpg

Running for: House, CA-46

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has been a member of Congress since 2003, and has always made NWPC proud. The Congresswoman has an impressive record when it comes to breaking gender barriers. She is the only Hispanic woman to be elected to Congress from Orange County and is the senior female member of the House Homeland Security Committee. As a trailblazing woman, Congresswoman Sanchez has consistently voted in favor of women’s rights and issues. NWPC is glad to offer support for Congresswoman Sanchez’s 2012 Congressional campaign.

Susan Davis

Susan Davis Picture_0.jpg

Running for: House, CA-53

Congresswoman Susan A. Davis is an excellent example of a women’s rights advocate that can work together with Congress to further a cause. Since she was elected in 2001, Congresswoman Davis has had a perfect record when it comes to voting for women’s issues. Prior to her service in Congress, she served as President of the San Diego City School Board and as a California State Assemblywoman. NWPC is proud to endorse the Congresswoman’s Congressional campaign for re-election!

Diana DeGette

Diana DeGette.jpg

Running for: House, CO-08

Congresswoman Dianna DeGette has yet to disappoint during her 8 terms in Congress. As Co-Chair of the Pro-Choice Caucus, Congresswoman DeGette continuously fights for women’s right to choice as well as economic equality. She also serves as Chief Deputy Whip which allows her a great deal of influence on key legislation. Most recently, Congresswoman DeGette was elected the Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Clearly a woman of vast achievement and commitment to her constituents, Congresswoman DeGette is the best choice for Colorado’s 1st district in the 2012 election.

Rosa DeLauro

Rosa DeLauro-Photo.jpg

Running for: House, CT-03

Representative Rosa DeLauro is the true definition of a fighter. As a cancer survivor herself, Representative DeLauro has worked tirelessly to secure health and education rights for citizens of the US. After receiving degrees from both Marymount College and Columbia University, she began an incredible career in public service, including serving as the first Executive Director of EMILY’S List. Currently Representative DeLauro serves as the co-chair of the Steering and Policy Committee, and is a Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee's Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittee. Continuing to support Representative DeLauro’s position in Congress is a crucial contribution to the progress of the women’s rights movement.

Elizabeth Esty

<Elizabeth Esty.jpg

Running for: House, CT-05

Elizabeth Esty is an incredibly tough candidate who, like NWPC, works to safeguard the rights of women. Serving as a legal advisor to the Connecticut League of Women Voters Consensus Project, Esty understands the social importance of adequate women’s health care. Having received her B.A. from Harvard, her J.D. from Yale and having worked with private law firm in D.C., Esty displays the strength and experience of a seasoned congresswoman. After teaching at American University, Esty was elected into the Connecticut House in 2009 where she worked on the Appropriations, Energy & Technology and Public Health Committees.

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Eleanor Norton Holmes-Photo.jpg

Running for: Member, DC-AL

With an incredible career before being elected to office in 1990, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton was a nationally known civil rights and feminist leader. Congresswoman Holmes Norton earned her J.D. from Yale University School of Law to continue a life of activism and public service. She was the first female Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a founder of the Women's Rights Law Reporter, the first legal periodical that focused exclusively on women's rights. Since in office, Congresswoman Holmes Norton has served the District of Columbia through immense economical and educational advancements. Known as the “Warrior on the Hill,” Congresswoman Holmes Norton has long supported the progress and protection of women’s rights.

Val Demings

Val Demings-Photo.jpg

Running for: House, FL-10

As the first woman to become Police Chief in the city of Orlando, Val Demings is accustomed to working hard to achieve her goals. After receiving an MPA at Webster University, Demings worked as a Social Worker and then transferred her career to the police force in Orlando. Quickly advancing in her class, Demings used her position as Police Chief to reduce crime by forty percent in the Orlando area. Known as a true leader, Demings has decided to now serve her community by running for public office. Demings has vowed to protect women’s rights including a woman’s right to abortion, equal pay, and paid family and medical leave.

Jessica Ehrlich

Jessica Ehrlich Photo.jpg

Running for: House, FL-13

Jessica Ehrlich has committed her career to seeking out public service. First, as a lawyer serving for justice and as a woman's activist on the New York Board for the United Nations Fund for Women and now, in her campaign to represent Florida's new 13th District in U.S. Congress. Her civic engagement will work to attract good jobs, strengthen the middle class, and protect our commitment to seniors.

Lois Frankel

Lois Frankel.jpg

Running for: House, FL-22

Lois Frankel is known for challenging opponents of women’s rights head on. After receiving her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, Frankel served in the Florida state legislature and most recently as the Mayor of West Palm Beach. Frankel has a long history of working with the NWPC, working for women’s rights and is endorsed by EMILY’s List, Women’s Campaign Forum and the National Organization for Women.

Colleen Hanabusa

Colleen Hanabusa.jpg

Running for: House, HI-01

Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa is completing her first term in Congress and is well-prepared to further her service with a second term. As a co-sponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act, Colleen makes it clear that she is a strong supporter of women’s issues and equal rights. Congresswoman Hanabusa is a native Hawaiian and holds the well-being of her fellow Hawaiians to the utmost importance. She is a fighter for the middle class, and works hard to make sure that every voice in her constituency can be heard in Washington. NWPC is thrilled to re-endorse Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa in her run for re-election!

Leslie Coolidge

Leslie Coolidge Photo.jpg

Running for: House, IL-06

Leslie Coolidge of Illinois’s 6th District would bring a unique and novel energy to the floor of the House of Representatives. Leslie is a Certified Public Accountant who has been a progressive community activist for many years. She is committed to understanding her constituent’s priorities and taking them to Congress. Not only is Leslie dedicated to protecting the environment, creating American jobs, and furthering progressive legislation, she is a fighter on behalf of women’s issues. She wholeheartedly believes in a woman’s right to autonomy and equality—simple ideas that are currently under attack. NWPC enthusiastically endorses Ms. Leslie Coolidge for the 6th District of Illinois.

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard.jpg

Running for: House, HI-02

Tulsi Gabbard has strong ties to Hawaii, where she moved to when she was two years old. At the age of 19, she co-founded Healthy Hawaii Coalition, which tries to protect the environment and improve health. She graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a degree in International Business. While serving in the Hawaii National Guard, she was deployed to the Middle East twice. As a legislative aide to U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Gabbard advised Akaka on energy independence, the environment, homeland security, and veterans. Gabbard was elected to the Hawaii State Legislature, where she was a member of the Education, Higher Education, Tourism, and Economic Development Committees. She currently serves on the Honolulu City Council and chairs its Safety, Economics Development, and Government Affairs Committee.

Nicole LeFavour

Nicole LeFavour.jpeg

Running for: House, ID-02

Raised in Idaho and well-known to Idaho, Nicole LeFavour has been a member of the Idaho State legislature for the past eight years. In addition, she has worked with the Idaho Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Log Cabin Literary Center. She is known as an advocate for environmental issues and human rights. She also helped the Idaho Center for Budget and Tax Policy with stopping tax cuts. LeFavour is prepared to represent Idaho in Congress.

Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth jpeg.jpg

Running for: House, IL-08

Bringing a whole new meaning to the word “fighter,” Tammy Duckworth is a phenomenal example of determination and perseverance. Prior to serving as Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs under the Obama Administration, Ms. Duckworth was one of the first women to fly combat missions in Iraq. Not only was she a Captain in the National Guard, Tammy was awarded the Purple Heart after losing both of her legs in combat. NWPC proudly endorses a Veterans advocate who is willing to fight for women’s issues and the constituents of Illinois’s 8th District!

Jan Schakowsky

Jan Schakowsky JPEG.jpg

Running for: House, IL-09

NWPC is glad to announce our re-endorsement of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois’s 9th Congressional district. Congresswoman Schakowsky is a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, where she works hard to accomplish her top priority—providing universal healthcare coverage for all Americans. As she works to provide universal healthcare, she constantly keeps the needs of women across the country as a top priority. The Congresswoman also serves on the bipartisan Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues and actively introduces legislation to stop violence against women. She is the right choice for constituents in the 9th district of Illinois!

Cheri Bustos

Cheri Bustos jpeg.jpg

Running for: House, IL-17

Born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, Cheri Bustos is a true Illinois native. Cheri has dedicated a great deal of her life to the art of journalism by reporting on crime, city government, health care, and many more issues. During this time, she worked to expose government corruption. This is why Cheri is intent on holding the government accountable for their decisions. Not only is she a talented journalist, but Ms. Bustos is invested in economic security and women’s issues. As just one example, she is president of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Connection, one of Illinois’ largest women’s membership organizations. NWPC endorses Cheri Bustos with full confidence that she will support what is right!

Shelli Yoder

Shelli Yoder Photo.jpg

Running for: House, IN-09

Shelli Yoder is a progressive candidate that will not disappoint in Congress. She currently serves as the Associate Director of Professional Development for Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Through this position she is able to help young people find employment opportunities despite the current economic conditions. Though she is a political newcomer, she is well-versed in current issues and well-prepared to fight hard on the behalf of her constituents. Shelli is also a vehement support of women’s rights. She is dedicated to progressing women’s issues and desires parity for women in politics and in life. NWPC is thrilled to announce their endorsement of Shelli Yoder for the 9th District of Indiana.

Christie Vilsack

Christie Vilsack-Photo.jpg

Running for: House, IA-04

An educator at heart, Christie Vilsack is ready to continue her career in public service as a Congresswoman. Aside from being an educator, Vilsack is an activist for families both in Iowa and across the country. By creating a statewide literacy initiative and serving as the director of the Iowa Initiative (a research program focused on women’s health), she has already left a lasting impression in her state. With a bachelor’s degree from Kirkland College, a master’s degree in journalism from The University of Iowa, and extensive experience in activism, Vilsack is more than prepared to serve as an advocate for Iowan’s and a strong supporter of women’s rights.

Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards-Photo.jpg

Running for: House, MD-04

After receiving her J.D. from the Franklin Pierce Law Center at the University of New Hampshire, Congresswoman Edwards felt compelled to use her law degree in the area of public service. Alongside of other activism projects, she co-founded and served as the first executive director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence. As a trailblazing advocate for women, Congresswoman Edwards is dedicated to bettering the lives of her fellow Marylanders. Currently in Congress, she serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee as well as the Science, Space and Technology Committee. If re-elected, Congresswoman Edwards will continue to rally support for women’s rights and issues.

Niki Tsongas

Niki Tsongas Picture.jpg

Running for: House, MA-03

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas has raised a family, practiced law, and served as a dean of a community college in the state of Massachusetts. As a strong, professional woman, Congresswoman Tsongas started Lowell, Massachusetts’s first all-female law practice and has since championed for women’s issues and women’s rights. Niki is the first woman to serve in Congress from Massachusetts in 25 years, and her work in the House Armed Services Committee as well as the Natural Resources Committee is innovative and effective. NWPC is thrilled to again endorse Congresswoman Niki Tsongas for the 3rd District of Massachusetts!

Teresa Hensley

Teresa Hensley Photo.png

Running for: House, MO-04

Teresa Hensley is ready to put Missouri families first. Having served as Cass County Prosecutor since 2005, Teresa knows that putting partisanship in front of principle leads nowhere. She has worked hard to defeat crime, especially crime that disproportionately affects women. Her work to end domestic violence did not go unnoticed throughout the state of Missouri. As a life-long resident of Cass County, Teresa is ingrained with Missouri’s values and is prepared to represent those in Congress. Her energy and passion would advance the needs of her constituents. NWPC proudly endorses Ms. Teresa Hensley as a voice for the people of Missouri’s 4th District and as an advocate for women in the US.

Kim Gillan

Kim Gillan.png

Running for: House, MT-AL

Kim Gillan is a long-time leader of the Montana State Legislature, most notably being Minority Leader of the Montana House of Representatives and Minority Whip in the Montana State Senate. She has won numerous awards for her legislative work. She has been on the boards of multiple organizations, including the Parents Let’s Unite for Kids and City of Billings Park & Recreation Board. Gillan earned a Masters in Regional Planning from Cornell University.

Dina Titus


Running for: House, NV-01

Dina Titus has dedicated her life to public service and education. She represented the people of Nevada in the state legislature for twenty years, serving as the Democratic Minority Leader for fifteen years. Titus was elected to the House of Representatives in 2008, where she served on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the Education and Labor Committee, and the Homeland Security Committee. She focuses on protecting children, seniors, and the disabled, and is a strong advocate for the arts. Titus is running to fill Shelley Berkley’s seat representing Nevada’s 1st Congressional District.

Shelly Adler

Shelley Adler.jpg

Running for: House, NJ-03

Shelley Adler is an accomplished attorney and community leader. Adler is running against Congressman John Runyon to represent New Jersey’s Third District, a seat her late husband held from 2009 until his death in 2011. Adler is devoted to protecting middle class families, children, seniors, small businesses, and veterans. She will fight for equal access to quality education for children and adults, and protect Medicare guarantees for seniors.

Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter Picture 2_0.jpg

Running for: House, NH-01

Carol Shea-Porter is set on regaining New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional Seat after an upset against Frank Guinta in the 2010 elections. In 2006, Shea-Porter became the first woman elected to Congress from New Hampshire. She was victorious again in her bid for Congress in 2008 and just narrowly defeated in 2010, a very difficult year for Democratic incumbents. Shea-Porter is best known for being strong and active in advocating veterans’ issues and is dedicated to promoting affordable health care and protecting voting rights. She has a proven track record in fighting for women’s rights and we look forward to her return in 2012.

Ann McLane Kuster

Anne Kuster.jpg

Running for: House, NH-02

During the presidential campaigns for President Obama and John Kerry, McLane Kuster served on the New Hampshire steering committees. In addition to her work with the New Hampshire Women for Obama, Kuster also has extensive experience as a lobbyist advocating issues for clients such as the Dartmouth Medical School. Politically, Kuster supports a woman’s right to choose, equal rights and is ready to fight for her cause in Congress.

Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan Grisham-Photo.jpg

Running for: House, NM-01

A 12th generation native New Mexican, Michelle Lujan Grisham knows the needs and desires of the people of New Mexico. After earning a J.D. from the University of New Mexico, Michelle embarked on an impressive career in public service. Michelle has a strong desire to serve the nation’s most vulnerable citizens, including women. She began her career as the director of the New Mexico State Agency on Aging where she worked for 14 years. Afterwards, she served as secretary of the New Mexico Department of Health and currently works as a commissioner on the Board of Directors of Total Community Care. Michelle’s dedication to public service paired with her commitment to ensuring the well-being of American citizens is promising support for women’s rights and issues.

Evelyn Madrid Erhard

Evelyn Madrid Erhard.jpg

Running for: House, NM-02

Evelyn Madrid Erhard is a lifetime student of politics, and thus sees the problems facing the 99%. As an educator and small business owner, Madrid Erhard personally witnessed the problems facing the working families in her district. Madrid Erhard promises to work hard to create jobs, strengthen public education, and make health care more affordable for all Americans. Madrid Erhard is running against Representative Steve Pearce to represent New Mexico’s 2nd District.

Carolyn McCarthy

Carolyn McCarthy Picture_0.jpg

Running for: House, NY-04

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy has an excellent record of public service and commitment. She worked in the public sector as a nurse for more than three decades, and then, in 1996, she became the first woman to serve in Congress from Long Island, New York. She has introduced a vast amount of pro-woman legislation as well as legislation for children’s rights and education. Congresswoman McCarthy is a true champion for the people of New York as well as men and women across the country. NWPC proudly re-endorses the Congresswoman in her 2012 Congressional campaign!

Carolyn Maloney



Running for: House, NY-12

First elected to Congress in 1992, Carolyn Maloney is recognized as a national leader with extensive accomplishments on financial services, national security, the economy, and women’s issues. Her career has been a series of firsts: the first woman to represent New York’s 14th Congressional District; the first woman to represent New York City’s 7th Councilmanic district (where she was the first woman to give birth while in office); the first woman to Chair the Joint Economic Committee. Maloney is a senior member of the very important House Committee on Financial Services.

Nita Lowey

Nita Lowey Photo.jpg

Running for: House, NY-17

Congresswoman Nita Lowey was elected to Congress in 1988 and has been serving her constituents ever since. Born and raised in New York, the Congresswoman is loyal to her home state and works tirelessly to protect her constituents and all citizens of New York. Nita is also a strong advocate for women’s issues and always votes in favor of women’s rights. Because Nita has served for over 20 years in Congress, NWPC is certain that the Congresswoman will continue her record of excellence surrounding progressive policy. NWPC proudly re-endorses Congresswoman Nita Lowey for the 18th District of New York.

Patsy Keever

Patsy Keever.jpg

Running for: House, NC-10

Patsy Keever is a North Carolina educator, public servant, and community activist. As a Representative in the North Carolina House, Keever fought for quality education for all children, clean air and water, meaningful work for all who seek it and equal rights for all our citizens. Keever is committed to equal rights for all citizens, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin. Keever is currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina's 10th Congressional District.

Angela Zimmann

Angela Zimmann Photo.jpg

Running for: House, OH-05

Angela Zimmann is dedicated to women’s issues and would surely continue this trend if elected to Congress. Ms. Zimmann has a history of public service and has worked tirelessly for the benefit of her Ohio community. She is a former President of the NW Ohio School Board Association and was twice elected to the Lake Erie Educational Service Center Board. In addition to serving her community, Angela is also a minister, an engineer, and a professor at Bowling Green State University. She is ready to harness her passion, strength, and work ethic to benefit the constituents of Ohio’s 5th District. NWPC proudly endorses Angela Zimmann, a multi-talented woman who is ready to work on behalf of the women of America.

Joyce Healy-Abrams

Joyce Healy-Abrams Picture.jpg

Running for: House, OH-07

Joyce Healy-Abrams is a highly successful entrepreneur with a passionate commitment for civic engagement. Joyce has served countless hours on boards for diabetes research and children’s causes. In addition, she has had a special focus on women’s issues. Joyce was a Trustee for Planned Parenthood in Ohio and was an Inaugural Member for Women & Philanthropy at Ohio State University. NWPC is excited to endorse a woman with such strong capabilities and dedication. We feel sure that Joyce Healy-Abrams is the right choice for the people of Ohio and women across America.

Sharen Neuhardt

Sharen Neuhardt.jpg

Running for: House, OH-10

Sharen Neuhardt is a devoted reproductive health advocate who served on the Board of Trustees for Planned Parenthood of Miami Valley, Ohio from 1995 to 2002. Neuhardt currently serves on the board of Premier Community Health, an organization that provides breast and cervical cancer screenings to underserved women. She will fight to protect women’s rights, and improve and develop our economy. Neuhardt is running to represent Ohio’s 10th Congressional District.

Missa Eaton

Missa Eaton Photo.jpg

Running for: House, PA-03

Missa Eaton is ready to bring a real voice to the constituents of Pennsylvania’s 3rd District. Missa has been an educator for the past 15 years and currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Penn State Shenango. Missa sees firsthand the detrimental effects of a struggling economy of graduating students and their families, and is prepared to work hard to bring change. Missa can relate to her constituents and will not let their voice go unheard. She is an avid supporter of women’s rights and issues, and will carry these passions to the city of Washington. NWPC enthusiastically supports Missa Eaton as the right candidate for the 3rd District of Pennsylvania.

Bobbie Rose

Bobbie Rose Headshot.jpg

Running for: House, SC-01

Bobbie Rose is an experienced leader who recognizes the need for compassionate and accountable legislators in Washington. As an educator, small business owner, business manager, and court appointed Special Advocate for families, Rose has dedicated herself to understanding the independent needs of the citizens of South Carolina. Rose promises to fight for women’s rights in Congress. She wants to fight for better education in our schools, LGBTQ equality, and innovative job creation. Rose is running against Tim Scott to represent South Carolina’s 1st District in Congress.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu

Gloria Bromell Tinubu.JPG

Running for: House, SC-07

Gloria Bromell Tinubu was the first African American women to earn a MS in Agricultural Economics from Clemson University and the first African American to earn a PhD in Applied Economics from Clemson University. Bromell Tinubu has 34 years of experience as an economist, public servant, and community leader. Bromell Tinubu promises to work toward job creation, economic growth, and better access to education for all Americans. Bromell Tinubu is running against Tom Rice to represent South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.

Rose Meza Harrison

Rosa Meza Harrison.jpg

Running for: House, TX-27

Rosa Meza Harrison is a committed community leader and attorney. In 2007, Meza Harrison was appointed as the chair of the San Patricio County, Texas Democratic Party. Meza Harrison is dedicated to standing by women and families against unfair attacks, and will fight against government attemps to interfere in personal medical decisions such as family planning and the use of contraception. Meza Harrison will work hard to improve education, create jobs, and improve our economy. She is running to represent the 27th Congressional District of Texas in Congress.

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Eddie Bernice Johnson Photo.jpg

Running for: House, TX-30

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson is known as a highly effective legislator that can work across the aisle to truly make change. In addition to authoring and co-authoring 187 pieces of passed legislation, Congresswoman Johnson is an advocate for global human rights and keeps the rights of women at the top of her priority list. She is a champion for her constituents in Texas and persons around the globe. She is an expert on foreign policy, and works hard to make positive changes in this realm. NWPC enthusiastically re-endorses Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson with full confidence in a term of service and progressive change.

Ella Ward

Ella Ward.jpg

Running for: House, VA-04

A leader in education, Ella Ward worked for the Portsmouth Public School System as a teacher and administrator for 35 years. She has also served on the Virginia Board of Education for eight consecutive years. Ward has been involved with numerous organizations and have won many awards, including the EFM Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award. For the past six years, she has served on the Chesapeake City Council. The National Women’s Political Caucus is pleased to support this community leader.

Suzan DelBene

Suzan DelBene.jpg

Running for: House, WA-01

Suzan DeBene has more than 20 years of experience creating jobs. She is running for Congress to improve the economy, stand up to Wall Street, and support the middle class. She received a MBA from the University of Washington. She has extensive private-sector leadership roles with , which she helped create, and Nimble Technology, where she served as Chief Executive Officer and President. Governor Christine Gregoire appointed her to be the Director of the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Mary Baechler

Mary Baechler.jpg

Running for: House, WA-04

Mary Baechler founded and was Chief Executive Officer of Baby Jogger Company, which was named one of the 20 best companies to work for in Washington State. This company created over 400 hobs and was the last stroller manufacturer still making strollers in the United States. Baechler has also worked on civic engagement endeavor, including serving on the Advisory Board for the Stop Handgun Violence organization.

Karen Porterfield

Karen Porterfield.jpg

Running for: House, WA-08

Karen Porterfield is a leader dedicated to implementing solutions that will leave this nation better than it's present. Her career has been focused on areas of governance, strategic planning and organizational leadership for government and non-profits. She is running to represent Washington's 8th Congressional District in hopes of making the district better, stronger, and healthier than ever before.

Sue Thorn

Sue Thorn-Photo.jpg

Running for: House, WV-01

Sue Thorn moved to Wheeling, West Virginia in the 1980’s and fell in love with the state. A member of West Virginia’s 1st district, Thorn worked with Organizing for America to promote and support President Obama’s legislative agenda. She is a true proponent of change and wants to return America to the strong and secure country of her youth. Thorn recognizes that the middle class is suffering and is ready to put an end to this hardship. As a proponent of equal access to affordable healthcare, Thorn prioritizes women’s healthcare as well. Because she is a supporter of reproductive rights and an advocate for empowered women, we trust Sue Thorn to further the goals of the women’s rights movement.

Gwen Moore

Gwen Moore.jpg

Running for: House, WI-04

Congresswoman Gwen Moore is a dedicated fighter for civil rights. She consistently speaks on behalf of all women in the country while speaking on the floor of Congress and casting her votes. The Congresswoman was recently elected Democratic Co-Chair of the Congressional Women’s Caucus through which she can provide further support of pro-woman legislation. Aside from her impeccable record regarding women’s rights, Congresswoman Moore advocates better conditions for veterans, students, and families of the middle class. Gwen understands what is needed for successful economic reform and is committed to achieving this. NWPC excitedly re-endorses this champion of civil rights and economic reform.

State Elections

Maggie Hassan

Maggie Hassan Headshot.jpg

Running for: Governor, NH

Maggie Hassan, a lawyer, has a strong record of government service in New Hampshire. In 1999, she began her public service when then-Governor Jean Shaheen asked her to serve on the Advisory in Education and Finance Committee. In 2004, Hassan was first elected to the New Hampshire Senate, where she served for six years. During her time as New Hampshire Senator, her colleagues chose her as President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader of the State Committee. In addition, she chaired the Commerce Committee and the Public and Municipal Affairs Committee. As Senator, she collaborated with Governor John Lynch on the economy and New Hampshire families. She was important is passing marriage equality in New Hampshire.[i] If elected as Governor in New Hampshire, she will be the only female Democratic Governor in the United States.

Janet Cowell

Janet Cowell Picture.jpg

Running for: Treasurer, NC

Janet Cowell has been serving as North Carolina’s State Treasurer since 2008. Prior to winning this position, Cowell served her state as a member of the Raleigh City Council and then in the North Carolina State Senate. Cowell grew up as the daughter of a Methodist minister and public school teacher, and places an incredible importance on service to others. Most recently, Cowell has agreed to oversee the State Health Plan, recognizing an opportunity to provide enhanced governance and accountability of critical health benefits to the 650,000 members in North Carolina. Cowell is a strong woman and seizes any and all opportunities to advance women’s rights in the state of North Carolina!

Elaine Marshall

Elaine Marshall Photo.jpg

Running for: Secretary of State, NC

The Honorable Elaine Marshall became the first woman elected to statewide executive office in North Carolina in 1996 when she won the election for North Carolina Secretary of State. She was previously an attorney, state Senator, small business owner, and teacher. Elaine has brought vast progress to the state of North Carolina and works hard to continue this progress on a daily basis. Marshall has received national attention for her modernization of the Secretary of State office, including progressive work in the technological field. In addition, Elaine is an incredible role model for strong women and keeps the women of North Carolina as a top priority. NWPC enthusiastically endorses The Honorable Elaine Marshall for re-election as North Carolina’s Secretary of State.

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