Nevada Ratifies the ERA!

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Senator Patricia Spearman’s resolution ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment passed the Nevada State Senate on March 1st. On Monday, the Nevada State Assembly joined them by passing the resolution with a 28-14 party-line vote, Democrats … Read More

A Day Without A Woman

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For more information click here! We will be protesting President Trump’s expansion of the Global Gag Rule, which prohibits any international organization that receives U.S. global health funding from providing or even discussing abortions. Click … Read More

Dismantling the Paradigm

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In the 240 years since the Declaration of Independence, 13 women have run for President of the United States, with only one becoming a major party’s nominee. Only 19% of the 535 seats in Congress, … Read More

March With Us!

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  Together, on January 21st, we will send a message, that women’s rights are human rights and we will NOT stand for anything less. After this past election, there has never been a greater need … Read More

We Will March Forward!

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Secretary Hillary Clinton’s historic run for the White House brought together a majority of voters in this country who supported her vision for women’s rights, education, the environment and economic opportunity. Although she ultimately did … Read More

GOTV for Hillary!

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It’s GOTV Weekend!!! As we volunteer, walk, phone bank and get the vote out for Hillary Clinton and our endorsed candidates, we are reminded of the hard-fought work of our organizational founders and leaders as … Read More

Happy Birthday Hillary!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY CLINTON! “When There Are No Ceilings, The Sky’s The Limit!” ~ Hillary Clinton We’re in the final stretch of this hard-fought and historic campaign. There are many ways you can get involved … Read More