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Honor Her For All She’s Done

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Happy Mother's Day!

This banner, which will be placed prominently on our website, will pay tribute to the strong and courageous women in our lives who have served as mothering figures, whether by birth or other special relationship.

We will also send your honored women the following message in a special card:

This Mother’s Day your name has been added to our Banner of Distinction by (your name), thanking you for the contribution you have made in the lives of others. We are all very grateful!


Honor our Women of Distinction Please send an email with the address of your honoree to so we can be sure to get the card directly to them.
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Please include the name, and / or email address of the person you are honoring.

NWPC Foundation

Be part of the start by donating to the NWPC Foundation. Celebrate the next 40 years and beyond! Visit to learn more.

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Donate to the NWPC Foundation to help promote the "Political Equality Century!"

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