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Your contributions to NWPC support the work that we do at the national level, advocating for our bottom-line issues of women's social and economic equality and reproductive freedom, and for appointments of pro-choice women leaders to key positions on the Supreme Court and in the administration.


Donations to the NWPC Campaign Support Committee (the PAC) go directly to support our endorsed federal women candidates to help them win their campaigns!

Leadership, Development, Education and Research Fund (LDERF)

The NWPC Leadership, Development, Education and Research Fund (LDERF) is dedicated to educating, engaging and empowering women on policy issues and the political process. Contributions to this fund are tax-deductible. Donate today to NWPC's LDERF fund to support to help develop women leaders!

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Members of the NWPC President's Circle and President's Council are politically involved women from around the country who want to make a real difference in changing the face of power in Washington. Please consider joining NWPC's Inner Circle; click below to learn more!

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The National Women’s Political Caucus is celebrating its NEXT 40 years and beyond by launching the NWPC Foundation to secure the future of the organization.

Our goal is to reach $1 million by 2020, the 100th anniversary of American women achieving the Right to Vote and run for political office. As a 501 (c)(3), we can fund many projects and initiatives except direct support of candidates, which will come from the Caucus PAC.

Planned Giving

Make your mark on the future by leaving a gift to the National Women’s Political Caucus Legacy Fund

Donate to the ERA Education Project

NWPC-Leadership Development Education and Research Fund (LDERF) is partnering with Heroica Films to produce a series of engaging, entertaining videos to educate young women about the importance of passing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

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Ms. Miriam Sahlmann Hastings
Ms. Hilda Hernandez
Ms. Miriam Frieda Sussman
Ms. Pauline Walruff-Snyder

Women of Distinction
Ms. Nancy Carefoot
Ms. Ruth Gadebusch
Ms. Mary Hager
Ms. Cindy Hall
Ms. Margaret Hunt
Ms. Joy Lieberman
Ms. Nancy O'Malley
Ms. Mary Stanley
Ms. Betty Van Uum

Donate to the NWPC Foundation!

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Celebrate the next 40 years and beyond!

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Donate to the NWPC Foundation to help promote the "Political Equality Century!"