Diversity is Key To NWPC’s Future
By Dr. Carmen Estrada Schaye – Vice President of Diversity

In 1971, there were two women serving in the U.S. Senate and 13 women in the U.S. House of Representatives. Today, we honor the hundreds of thousands of women who have given so much of themselves so that we have 18.5% in Congress.

Though we number 100 of 172 countries in terms of the percentage of women in our national legislative body, we are making significant progress.

However, we are at the right place at the right time to move that dial faster than ever before in 2016. We will number more registered voters from hundreds of countries than ever before. American citizens – and many are ready to run. Our job is to find them, recruit them, train them, coach them, and elect them.

NWPC seeks diverse, inclusive participation and involvement within the. Political Landscape through “expanded access to leadership opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, political affiliation or professional level.”

Our goal at NWPC is to provide leadership, commit time and use our resources to accomplish diversity while being a model of what the country should be.

Role of the Diversity Committee

The Committee will promote a greater understanding of why supporting diversity within NWPC and fostering a culture of inclusion are an imperative for women in politics. The Committee creates community within NWPC membership around Diversity. It helps identify ways to engage underrepresented groups including the greater NWPC membership. Our job will include developing resources to increase the cultural competency of the membership, staff, leadership, those we recruit and support as well as honor and spotlight.

Goals include

· Defining diversity as it relates to our achieving it;

· Highlighting diversity achievements and spotlighting them;

· Researching and developing new tools and curriculums for recruiting and training diverse women to be leaders and elected officials;

· Creating NWPC Diversity programs, trainings, and materials to recruit, train and support a diverse group of women candidates throughout America;

· Identifying and creating resources around Diversity to help increase the cultural competency of NWPC staff;

· Establish Diversity Reception at Biennial Convention;

· Identify and deliver sponsorship opportunities for NWPC Diversity Training;

· Help make Diversity training a component of every NWPC Campaign Training.

The NWPC Foundation along with other resources will be required to formalize our updated commitment to Diversity Training. By creating an outcome-oriented approach to diversity and inclusion training, the NWPC Diversity Committee will focus on helping chapters recruit diverse members, elect diverse officers, recruit and train diverse leaders and candidates, mentor young women of color and help all we touch to more clearly articulate the connections between diversity and the organizational goals.

NWPC understands that Diversity can help advance organizational goals if it becomes a central (not separate) part of the organization’s focus. Over the next two years, Diversity will continue to integrate Diversity into its programs, functional areas and member segments in order to be better positioned to advance its objectives and develop tools and skills to serve the broader membership community
Integration can support NWPC’s national growth, its expansion in the Greater Washington market, and its appeal to local caucuses and associations.

Long-term success for NWPC is based on the ability to connect with and deliver value to a wide spectrum of professionals. The goal for the next two years is to increase the breadth and depth of resources to build the capacity and cultural capability of staff, leaders, and members to leverage diversity in their work.