GOTV for Hillary!

Donna LentNews

It’s GOTV Weekend!!!

As we volunteer, walk, phone bank and get the vote out for Hillary Clinton and our endorsed candidates, we are reminded of the hard-fought work of our organizational founders and leaders as we march towards a historic win in the White House!

Everything You Have to Give
We are in for a very, very long haul…
I am asking for Everything you have to give
We will never give up…
You will lose your Youth, your Sleep,
your Patience, and your Sense of Humor
and occasionally… the understanding & support
of people you Love very much.
In Return, I have nothing to offer you but…
Your Pride in being a woman, and…
all the Dreams you ever had for your daughters,
and nieces, and granddaughters…
Your Future and the certain Knowledge that
at the end of your days
you will be able to look back and say that
Once in your life,
you gave Everything you had
For Justice.
From a speech by Jill Ruckelshaus
National Women’s Political Caucus 1977, California Convention

We are close to reaching $75K for Hillary from NWPC! Please donate to help Hillary as we head towards election day!> and help us get us across that milestone!