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Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney at Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer’s Women’s Equality Day Rally, New York City Hall

How Women’s Groups Are Betting on ‘The Hillary Clinton Effect’
by Emily Schulteis, National Journal
Controversy About This Feminist Manifesto Is Nothing New
by Jennifer Latson, TIME Magazine
She-roes From A to Z
by Jill S. Tietjen, Huffington Post
American women have been running for president for 140 years
Interested in women’s issues? This may be the group for you
by Meg Fry, NJBIZ
Gloria Steinem: Why It’s So Important to Be a Passionate Voter
by Gloria Steinem, Cosmopolitan
The tough truth about egg freezing perks
by Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos, Fortune
Sherrell boasts fund-raising success against DesJarlais
Daily News Journal
Casey Wilson: Yes, I Slept With My Boss
by Casey Wilson, Cosmopolitan
Women’s magazine head John Mack Carter dead at 86
by Keith J. Kelly, New York Post
How A Nonprofit is Teaching Women to Run for Office
by Gwen Moran, Fast Company
Political Bits and Pieces
by Kevin Derby, Sunshine State News
Democratic Women To Host President Of National Women’s Political Caucus
The Llano News
Jeralyn L. Lawrence elected to serve on local Women’s Political Caucus Board
The Messenger-Gazette
Op-ed: Women will benefit from minimum wage increase
by Amy Shrago and Annie Flores, Berkeley Side
Nan Rich Wins National Women’s Political Caucus Endorsement
by Nancy Smith, Sunshine State News
Guest: The gender imbalance in state politics
by Alexis Oliver, the Seattle Times
Congressional sisterhood a powerful voice for the voiceless
by Halimah Abdullah, CNN
Texas women part of suffrage fight, but approach was different
by Trish Choate, Caller Times
Why The White House Glass Ceiling Remains Solid
by Linton Weeks, National Public Radio
Obama’s pitch to swing-state women
by Mary C. Curtis, Washington Post
`Old Boys’ may be filling council seats again
by Rick Orlov, Daily Breeze
Women Warn Budget Talks Should Not Be All Male
by Kate Ackley, Roll Call
Making The Budget A “Women’s Issue”
by Irin Carmon, Jezebel