President Donna Lent’s Statement on Pending Resignations of Members of the House and Senate

Alexa DeJesusNews, Uncategorized

It appears there will be a few additional open seats in the 2018 election cycle; and more opportunities for women to make gains in limiting the disparity between men and women serving in Congress. Conyers has announced he was retiring and resignations are pending for Senator Al Franken, MI and Representative Trent Franks, AZ, all within days of each other. In addition, there are calls for Representative Blake Farenthold, TX to resign for more of the same.

The NWPC applauds those members of the House and Senate who made it clear that such resignations are not only desired, but required; after multiple allegations of sexual harassment/assault have been brought forward against these men.

No man participating in such abuse of women should feel secure in their position today. Whether Republican or Democrat, this is a standard all political parties and institutions should live up to and take seriously. The Alabama Senate race is yet another opportunity for Republicans to take a stand and say that this type of behavior has no place in politics.

The focused exposure of such perpetrators provides a perfect opportunity for a truly transformative time for women. We call on Congress to make sure everyone has the protections they need to stop sexual harassment/assault in the workplace by passing an ERA.

We call on all elected officials to stop making excuses for sexual harassment/assault in the workplace and to flush the Halls of Congress of perpetrators, while also providing safety to every workplace, in every community, across the country.