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Intern Spotlight

The National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC) seeks part-time and full-time interns for work at the National office in downtown Washington, DC!

NWPC has a relaxed but lively work environment. Our staff is small so we rely heavily on our interns for the day-to-day operations of our organization. Our interns are progressive thinkers who are passionate about women in politics. We welcome interns from schools all over the country who have varied interests and diverse backgrounds. The only unconditional requirement is an unwavering commitment to women's rights!

Rijaab Mansoor Picture.jpg

Name: Rijaab Mansoor

Age: 20

University: University of Florida

Major: Political Science (Minors in European Union Studies and French)

Year: Senior

Hometown and congressional district: Gainesville, FL (FL-03)

Favorite political female role model: Hillary Clinton

How did you find out about your NWPC internship?I found out about the NWPC internship on an internet database of organizations with openings for interns.

What drew you to apply to intern with NWPC?Although I had not previously heard of NWPC, I decided to look into it as a possible opportunity. When I started learning about the history and impact that NWPC has had for women in politics, I was instantly drawn. NWPC fights for the values that I hold very close, such as political parity for women, and electing pro-choice women into public office.

What issues are you most passionate about? Along with feminism and reproductive rights, I am passionate about fighting the rampant bigotry in our society, especially towards Muslims. As an American-Muslim growing up in a post-9/11 American, I have experienced hate and prejudice, both towards me individually and towards my community as a whole. America has always been seen as a “melting pot” of cultures and people, and I want to keep it that way, by increasing tolerance for groups that some may (wrongfully) see as “backwards” and “dangerous.”

What has been your favorite part of your internship experience with NWPC?My favorite part of my internship has been learning about the issues that women face on a daily basis. Although I was a feminist prior to starting this internship, I didn’t understand the breadth or depth at which sexism and misogyny are imbedded within our culture. I learn more and more every day, which further convinces me that women need to be more politically involved, and soon!

Do you ever plan on running for office?Absolutely! As a woman of color who represents several different minorities, I would love to be a voice for a community that is not currently represented. I believe that the only way to impact true change is to get involved in the process and system.

shannon headshot.jpg

Name: Shannon MacLeod

Age: 21

University: The George Washington University

Major: Political Science and History

Year: Senior

Hometown and congressional district: Merrimac, Massachusetts (MA-6)

Favorite political female role model: Elizabeth Warren

What drew you to apply to intern with NWPC? I am incredibly drawn to the work that the National Women’s Political Caucus does. I think that the lack proportional female representation in Congress is at the root of most of the problems facing modern women, including reproductive rights and equal pay. The more women we have involved in the conversation, the louder our voice will be.

Why are you pro-choice? I honestly think that it is an equality issue at heart. If a woman is forced to have a child that she is not ready for and doesn’t want, she is being limited in her ability to more forward professionally and financially. If you limit access to abortion for America’s less fortunate, you are essentially trapping them in a lower socio-economic status, and this is a trap that men simply cannot fall into. I want men and women to have equal opportunity, but this won’t happen until all women have access to safe and affordable abortion.

What issues are you most passionate about? I am obviously very passionate about reproductive rights and equal representation, but I am also a huge proponent of education and prison reform and, universal healthcare. I think these are all issues that affect basic human rights and are largely ignored. Politics has been focusing on frivolous, party mudslinging, and we need to shift the discussion back to making America better for everyone

What has been your favorite part of your internship experience with NWPC? My favorite part of my internship so far was meeting with female leaders from Afghanistan to discuss the state of women in politics in the US. It was incredibly inspiring to speak with women who have overcome so much in order to gain representation. In only 13 years, their government has gone from 0% women to 22%. This statistic rivals the United States, and it was largely due to the efforts of the women that I was lucky enough to meet. They were all kind, excited, and ready to ask and answer questions. It is easy to be so focused on gaining rights for American women that you forget that there are women all over the world who are standing alongside you, fighting the same exact fight.

Do you have any past internship experiences? I was an education and events intern with the American Independence Museum, an intern in the office of Congresswoman Carol-Shea Porter, and an intern with Running Start, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching young women the skills that they will need to run for office.

Do you ever plan on running for office? Absolutely. When I was young, I desperately wanted to be president. I drew pictures of what I wanted my campaign bus to look like, picked my Vice President, and would practice giving speeches to my stuffed animals. I see the political arena as the best way to make real and concrete change in the world, and I still have big dreams. I would love to someday represent my community in Washington.

Alexis McCruter Picture_0.jpg

Name:Alexis McCruter

Age: 23

University:Clark Atlanta University
Major: Political Science and History

Year: Senior

Hometown and congressional district:Atlanta, Georgia (GA-13)

Favorite political female role model:My favorite female political role model would have to be Shirley Chisholm. She was a pioneer and the first of her kind to sit at the table of politics. Being an African-American woman, I look to greats such as her to use as a light to my path. I was always taught that you don’t have to necessarily reinvent the wheel, just make it a little better for the next person coming after you. She fearlessly demanded the respect of her peers by proving she was just as equipped if not better equipped. I am always on the search for opportunities that challenge me.

What drew you to apply to intern with NWPC? I am very well versed on the things Shirley Chisholm engulfed herself with. When I found out she had a hand in creating the NWPC, I knew I had to figure out if they had an available internship. Women in America have advanced in so many ways and so many more ways, haven’t. As a woman, anytime you get to create a shift or make a change in the structure of the placement for women in politics, you should. It still surprises me that even in 2014; we have so many rules and regulations that govern the physical body of a woman. Any organization working to put women in place to change that is one I thought I should be a part of.

Why are you pro-choice?I am pro-choice because a woman’s body is her temple and no one else’s. It is not to be used as a political pawn piece. It is not to be discussed as territory. Women do not need permission to control the happenings of their bodies. A woman’s choice should be between her and her care provider. There are circumstances that take place that lead women and couples to consider the option of abortion. I just don’t think it’s the place of the government officials to whether or not this can actually take place.

What issues are you most passionate about?I am most passionate about Education Reform. The School systems in my opinion, are failing our children on all facets. I have a problem that most Politian’s use “Education Reform” in their platforms while running to get the votes, but nothing changes in their districts or on the Hill for that matter. I believe strongly that all children deserve a quality education whether in public or private schools. I am interested in seeing more schools be held accountable for not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP.

What has been your favorite part of your internship experience with NWPC? My favorite part of my internship thus far has been the exposure. As an intern here, you are trusted as much as the staff. I’ve been given so many opportunities here to place myself in situations that have always rendered great results. I’ve gotten the contact of former Federal Prosecutors, PAC managers and a multitude of other contacts.

Do you have any past internship experiences? Yes. I’ve interned for Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur on Capitol Hill and Alisha Thomas Morgan in the Georgia House of Representatives. All of these experiences have helped me tremendously in the day to day task I’ve been faced with NWPC. Collectively, all of my internships have put me in a better position to encounter the workplace with a great deal confidence.

What have you learned most from your internship? I’ve learned that everything has a solution. When you work hard, you’re able to see the fruits of your labor and that’s always a really good feeling.

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