Founders Luncheon- NWPC Founders and Past Presidents

Founders Luncheon- NWPC Founders and Past Presidents

From Left to Right- Rebecca Westerfield, Past President Llenda Jackson Leslie, Ritz Triviz, Past President Sissy Farenhold, Alice Cohan, Ruth Swingle, Ronnie Feit, Dr. Fann Harding and Ellie Smeal.

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Women of Distinction

Ms. Miriam Sahlmann Hastings
Ms. Hilda Hernandez
Ms. Miriam Frieda Sussman
Ms. Pauline Walruff-Snyder

Women of Distinction
Ms. Nancy Carefoot
Ms. Ruth Gadebusch
Ms. Mary Hager
Ms. Cindy Hall
Ms. Margaret Hunt
Ms. Joy Lieberman
Ms. Nancy O'Malley
Ms. Mary Stanley
Ms. Betty Van Uum

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