Train The Trainers Seattle: April 23 & 24, 2016

Ever thought of being a trainer — a trainer of women to help them become leaders?

This year is already a banner year for women candidates, with more women running than in previous years.  Women are also increasing their donor power with 2016 expected to be a record year for women donors. As more women run, more money fuels them and more complicated strategies are required. That’s why the NWPC – the oldest and largest women’s bi-partisan campaign organization — is looking for women and men who want to be professionally certified trainers.

If you are willing to invest in being the best at training women to run and win, we want to invest in you.


NWPC invites you to join us on April 23 & 24 2016 in Seattle, WA for a weekend training seminar designed to get you ready to train women to run for office!


There have been more women elected here in the United States in the last 10 years than in the last 100 years — yet we still have less than 20% women in our Congress. But in countries all over the world, we see women breaking through centuries of never being elected, and now have quotas for women to move into leadership in politics, business and community offices. And, their countries are looking for more trainers to get their women ready to lead.


The National Women’s Political Caucus has developed a certificated program to train trainers on best practices in coaching, recruiting and training women to lead. This two day class will prepare trainers on the most up-to-date techniques in targeting, database building and social media — as well as new takes on old traditional campaign basics like public speaking with confidence, encouraging volunteers, asking for money, and managing your time.

In addition, we’ll talk about major changes in how people learn and how to be a better trainer. No more reliance on power point overheads or talking heads all day: todays women candidates want interactive exercises and materials they can take to their campaigns and us.

The NWPC’s first “Training the Trainers” two-day seminar will take place Saturday, April 23 from 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday, April 24 from 10 am to 3 pm in Seattle, WA.

The cost for the training is $450 and must be paid in advance through the NWPC national office (, where you will be directed to the Education & Training pages for the “Train the Trainer” event. Additionally, once you arrive in Seattle, we will ask for a $50 expense fee for lunches and materials.

The class will be closed after the 30th person registers. The class will keep a waiting list for the next training, but be aware the training will sell out.

REGISTER: Fill out the form to your right and you will then be taken to NWPC’s Paypal account. After registering. you’ll receive a confirmation email and further details.


For $450, we will provide you with the materials, train you to train, make sure you have updated information and coach you on helping others produce successful trainings. And, we’ll refer you to training requests from our state and local caucuses, in addition to several other agencies, non-profits, parties and international agencies looking for good trainers with American political campaign expertise.

Become an NWPC Certified Trainer

Today’s NWPC trainings will not only help a trainer learn about more than 30 different campaign subjects, it will also help her create a successful campaign in concert with a local or state NWPC chapter who hires her to train. Our trainers will learn how to recruit the right candidates to train, maintain training event checklists and timelines, and train caucus boards on raising the money to pay the bills.

NWPC trainings are daylong Saturday trainings that cover several subjects from our “Module” series.

Module I: The Campaign Basics: Campaign Plan: (Message, Targeting, Timeline, Voter Contact Plan, and Budget); How to choose a consultant and/or campaign manager

Module II: Confidence & Communicating: Image, Voice & Presence; Time management & Scheduling; Issues & Positioning Against your Opponent; Diversity in Your District; Responding to Attacks & Media

Module III: Fundraising & Events: Building a Database of Prospective Donors; High Donor Phoning and Making an Ask; Low-donor strategies: Meet and Greets, direct mail solicitations; online fundraising

Module IV: Field Organization & Voter Contact: Volunteer recruitment/Keeping campaign volunteers; Doorbelling and Phone Banks; Voter Contact Plan: Brochures, Cable TV, Yard Signs, T-Shirts; Website and Social Media; Getting out the vote

Register for the Seattle Training

The training will be led by Cathy Allen, international woman’s campaign trainer and author of four campaign books and NWPC National Vice-President of Education & Training. Dr. Carmen Schaye, national NWPC Vice President of Diversity, and a former University professor will join her as will other NWPC professionally-certified trainers. Trainings in Seattle will begin on Saturday, April 23rdth at 9 am and continue through Sunday, April 24thth until 3 pm.
Please contact Mckenzi at The Connections Group or contact NWPC at


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