Independence Day & The Equal Rights Amendment

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As this country celebrates 240 years of independence today, we look forward to truly having independence and equality for all women when the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)> is passed.

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s staff released the draft
Democratic National Convention platform which includes passing the Equal Rights Amendment. Equal Pay, Paid Leave and Caregiving are also a part of the agenda. Secretary Clinton continues to offer leadership on issues that are important to women, children and families. As the National Women’s Political Caucus, we are proud to stand will Hillary Clinton as we know she understands the plight of women and has demonstrated that she will focus on the solutions we need to make this country better and equal for women. We thank Secretary Clinton for her leadership and look forward to seeing the adoption of this platform at the upcoming Democratic Convention.

Equal Pay, Paid Leave, and Caregiving (Page 4, Paragraph 5)
“We will fight to secure equal pay for women and—after 240 years—finally enshrine the rights of women in the constitution by passing the Equal Rights Amendment. While Donald Drumpf thinks it is “dangerous” for women to leave the home and paid family leave hurts our economy, Democrats will make sure that the United States finally enacts national paid family and medical leave by passing a family and medical leave act that would provide at least 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a new child or address a personal or family member’s serious health issue, and we will fight to allow workers the right to earn at least seven days of paid sick leave. We will also encourage employers to provide paid vacation.
Our work and family policies must also ease the burden on family caregivers, in part by creating a strong, stable workforce to help meet families’ needs. We will take steps to expand and strengthen the homecare workforce. We will increase childcare investments to make quality childcare more affordable, boost wages for childcare workers, and support the millions of people paying for, coordinating, or providing care for aging relatives or those with disabilities”

Happy 4th of July as we march towards equality and elect Hillary Clinton to the White House in November!

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